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Is Coaching for You?

There are many reasons and many benefits to working one-to-one with a writing coach:

• receive feedback, insight and support from a professional editor
• write more - set goals, create a schedule and be accountable
• submit more -- set goals, a schedule and be accountable for submissions

• build confidence/work through limiting beliefs about your writing
• create new work, revise work and/or finish your writing projects
• be more productive, focused and accountable in your creative work
• build a writing-related career/get paid for your writing skills
• develop an idea, outline a manuscript, work on chapter summaries
• hone in on a specific aspect(s) of craft – dialogue, scene building, pacing
• receive publishing recommendations/target agents or publishers to submit to
• write, revise query letter, book proposal, chapter summaries
• promote/market your writing via a website, blog, newsletter
• build a writing career and or content-related businesses

Are you editing a book, writing a book, publishing a book?

"Marcelle knows how to shape and structure a story...she's the rare writing coach who draws out the hidden rhythms and patterns in the prose."

Anya Liftig

"Working with Marcelle on my manuscript was like having a customized Master's class
in writing and editing."

Kelly Cervantes


"Marcelle brings out the best in each writer. If you want to learn to write, improve your writing, or publish your work, call Marcelle.”

Mary Ann Palmer 

"Marcelle identifies ways to improve your writing and encourages you to write the story you want to write."

Aline Weiller

Work With Me

I’m excited to work with you wherever you are in your writing and/or publishing process.

I work with writers on all aspects of the craft of writing and the business of publishing.
One-to-one sessions focus on your writing and your goals. Whether you write for yourself
or for publication, I will help.

Expertise for every project

Large writing projects




Poetry chapbooks

Story collections

Creative nonfiction

Family histories

Coaching Expertise

I've worked with hundreds of writers like you on the craft of writing and the business of publishing

• Developing/editing large writing projects, books, memoir, creative nonfiction, essays,
poetry chapbooks, story collections, family histories
•  Recommendations, resources, submission materials for writing projects and
manuscripts to agents and publishers, as well as submitting work to magazines, literary
awards, and writing contests
•  Goal setting/time management/productivity related to the writing process and/or
writing projects
•  Consultations/strategy/marketing materials for websites, author/writer platforms,
audience development, book promotions, career building, content-related businesses,
publishing start-ups, authorpreneurship

My Philosophy

•  I meet you wherever you are in your writing journey

•  I teach writing skills using your writing so they can be understood and developed in
•  I support setting objectives, scheduling time, and being accountable in order to reach specific goals
•  I develop “in-context” prompts, creative practices and “jumps” based on your writing as a way to develop characters, find new angles etc.
•  I offer narrative/expressive art techniques to recall and write through difficult memories, or explore, define and develop themes in your work
•  I tailor every recommendation, resource and plan for each writer individually

My Promise

I value and honor each writer and her writing. All writing, editing and discussions are
confidential. I want those who work with me to be delighted with the process and results of our
work together. Though I’ve never been asked, if you are not satisfied, I will provide a full

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