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Writing Short

write, revise and refine short work to submit to a booming market

“If I had had more time, I would have made it shorter.” -Ernest Hemingway

Learning to write short is an ideal way for writers of all genres to sharpen their skills and break into publishing. In this class, we will take in inside look at short work (fewer than 1,000 words) known to most  as flash fiction or flash nonfiction.  Learn and practice writing and revising short work with techniques that define short-form narratives and stories in particular, and great writing in general. Topics covered include:  image building, word painting, figurative language, symbols and theme.  We will also look at the importance of sound, syntax and sentence structure.


From Good To Great

techniques to make your writing stand out to editors

What makes a good essay great? Join me. and learn how how to distill our story ideas into narratives that are distilled to their essence, while still conveying depth and meaning. We will discuss beginnings, endings, character and cadence. – techniques that can make a good piece of writing great.


Jumpstart Your Writing

learn the jumpstart process and write more (and write more often!) We'll understand  specific ways  to bring our writing up a notch, and be more motivated and inspired to write regularly

Ramp up your writing practice at raise the bar on your writing with this creative jump  filled with tips and tactics for writing your best and writing more. From percolation, ideation, drafting, writing and revising, you'll be inspired to write more and establish a regular writing routine.  We’ll learn and practice various creative techniques for finding ideas, staying motivated, jumping back into your story, finding the hots spot. Writing "Jumps" -- short segmented prompts  provide hands on practice.

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