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Marcelle Soviero is the founder of Marcelle Ink. She is a writer, editor, teacher, coach and publisher.

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Aline Weiller

Essayist, Humor Writer

“Marcelle has taught me much about memoir. Her teaching style is soft yet constructive, her editing expertise, laser-like and unmatched. A student of many years, I’ve come away from Marcelle’s workshops better equipped to pen personal essays, with a deeper understanding of the writing craft at large — resulting in multiple bylines. Specifically, her ability to zero in on an essay’s weakness, while offering an array of agreeable solutions, sets her apart: she creates a collaborate atmosphere vs. a one-way street. Under Marcelle's instruction, I’m forever motivated to write and publish my pieces.

Mary Ann Palmer

Author of NEAR MISS (forthcoming) 

I started writing four years ago under Marcelle’s encouraging tutelage. Her professionalism, patience and knowledge of the craft have helped me immensely. Since starting with Marcelle, I have been published in numerous magazines and literary publications. I know this would

not have happened without her excellent coaching!

Catherine Onyemelukwe

Author of NIGERIA REVISITED (Peace Corp Press 2016)

My memoir and essay writing class at Westport Writers Workshop was essential to completing my memoir. Marcelle Soviero was invaluable. She taught me the craft of writing and was a wise and experienced coach, gentle critic, and inspirational cheerleader.  -Catherine Onyemelukwe, author Nigeria Revisited (Peace Corp Press 2016)

Barbara Costa


Marcelle provides the perfect balance of knowledge, critique and encouragement.

Gordon Hastings

Author of THE ROCKY ROAD TO DUBLIN (Create Space 2018)

I would never have imagined I could author a 70,000 word memoir, suitable for publication. That was before I became a student of Marcelle Soviero. The journey was inspirational.