dates & times:
Thursday January 30, 2020
10 am - 12:30 pm



Saturday February 2, 2020
10 am - 12:30 pm
Marcelle Ink Studio, Wilton CT

The Writers' Notebook

A new year. A new notebook. 

Do you want to write more? Start writing again? Revise your manuscript? Submit your writing ? Like any professional -- from dancer to doctor - we need to practice our craft. While practicing pirouettes and memorizing procedures won't help us write, there are plenty of ways we can develop our writing muscles and learn to create with abandon  -- and improve our writing day by day. 


In this session, we'll jumpstart our writing lives with inspirational ideas and creative techniques designed to help us develop a regular writing practice that works for us. We will set goals, define our writing projects, and explore dozens of ways to use a writers' notebook (or laptop) to capture ideas, think differently, stretch our minds, develop dialogue, improve our writing and develop the writing habit. In addition to the notebook, we will look at other apps, tools and tricks to evoke the muse whether she shows up at our desk each morning or not.


In addition we will discuss how writers throughout history have developed a writing practice using journals, notebooks, jars, timers,  tricks-- and more recently technology to write their books, blogs, stories and poems.  


  • Develop a writing practice that works for you 

  • Understand techniques for beating writers' avoidance and writer' s block 

  • Create a personalized writing practice plan

who should attend

  • writers of all levels and all genres

  • those who want to be more productive in their writing life

  • those who suffer from writers' block and/or writers' avoidance

  • those who need to set goals and be accountable for getting the writing done

  • those who have projects they need to start -- or finish

  • those who want to have fun writing and unleash their wild side

partial list of topics covered

  • Working with writing journals

  • Developing a writing practice

  • Apps, tools and tricks for writing, revising and publishing

  • The 5 stages of writing  

  • Writer’s avoidance vs. writer's block

  • Working on multiple works at once