date & time:
Wednesday April 8, 2020
10 am - 12:00 pm
Marcelle Ink
Writing  Studio 
Wilton CT

Poetry for Writer

April is National Poetry Month

Understanding poetic techniques can enhance and even change the way you write, adding vibrancy, precision, and depth of feeling to your prose. In this seminar you will gain knowledge on how the craft techniques of poets relate to the writing of essay and memoir.


Using your own writing, you will learn how to paint word pictures, develop themes, create moods and deepen reader connections. For essayists and memoirists, learning from a poet means looking more closely at the rubric of language and understanding how it can strengthen your writing.


  • Understand poetic techniques and apply them to your prose writing

  • Practice new ways of "seeing" and writing

  • Enhance your reading and writing life  by including poetry

partial list of topics covered

  • Efficiency of language

  • Objective correlative

  • Image and metaphor

  • Sound, syntax and rhythm

  • Mood, tone and style

  • “Word painting”

  • Figurative language


Seminars are limited to 6  participants.